How it works?

1. Preparations and ingredients

Before you start, read our guide and have all the necessary materials, phones and mixers ready. The information given here is for guidance only, please refer to the instructions in the kit for exact instructions.

2. Mix the alginate powder

Pour the alginate powder into the mixing bucket and begin mixing with water using a blender or whisk until completely mixed.

3. Make the casting together

One of the most exciting parts of making a sculpture is choosing a joint handprint. Place the prepared alginate into the mass together and wait for it to turn pink and set.

4. Mix and pour the plaster

Mix the plaster powder with water by hand and pour the mixture into the hardened negative mould. This will take about an hour to set.

5. Disintegration of the alginate mould

Pour the solidified alginate from the bucket. Carefully and gently begin to break down the resulting mould. You will see your joint memorial sculpture emerge beautifully.

6. Your shared eternal memory is complete

Clean your sculptures using the tools provided. And there you have it, a wonderful shared memory!
You like it? Try it now!